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Chimneys tend to be one of the most neglected, undetected, or misdiagnosed systems in the modern American household. And since the safe operation of our fireplaces and wood stoves requires a properly working chimney it’s important to make sure yours is functioning safely.

How Much Do Chimney Repairs Cost?

The cost of the chimney repair depends upon the severity of the repair. Repairs to minor cracks in the chimney can be as low as $200 while major chimney repairs such as replacing the chimney all the way down ot the fireplace can cost a few thousand dollars.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover My Chimney Repair?

When it comes to making a valid claim on your homeowner’s insurance related to chimney damage, if the damage occurs due to a sudden, unexpected incidence your insurance will typically cover the repair cost. Chimney damage due to normal wear and tear is generally never covered by insurance.

Ultimately, the final decision regarding coverage is determined by your insurance policy the company you are insured with and the agent you work with on the chimney repair claim.

How to Repair a Chimney Crown

Chimney crowns are more than decoration on the top of the chimney. They are designed for protection. Often damage to the chimney crown goes unnoticed because it’s an area of the structure that homeowners never see unless they are on the roof inspecting the chimney.

Very small, minor cracks in the chimney crown can be reparied with a good waterproof sealant to prevent further expansion. If you discover more serious deterioration or cracks, it’s bes to consult with an experienced chimney repair company. Chimney professionals can accurately determine whether repairs can be made to the existing crown or if it is better to replace the chimney crown.

It is unwise to try and repair chimney crowns on your own. If done incorrectly you could cause more damage to the chimney crown and what would have been a minor, inexpensive repair could become a major expense.

What Causes Cracks in a Chimney

There are multiple reasons why a chimney can get cracks. Small hairline cracks in the bed mortar can be caused by normal shrinkage of the chimney and is an easy fix. Tension on the chimney caused by wind pressure can also cause continuous cracks through the brick or block masonry. Another common cause is settlement. If the soil that the chimney rests on is not strong enough to support the massive load placed on it then it can cause issues such as cracks.

If you discover cracks in a new chimney this is typically the result of improper construction of the chimney.

Chimneys that are weakened by a defect during the building process or even by natural deterioration can be very dangerous. With little to no warning, weakened chimneys can collapse causing injury or even death.

Can You Repair a Chimney Damper?

If the damper is loose or off its bracket then it can be reseated. But if the damper has become brittle and parts have snapped off then it cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

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